The History Of Watches – A Time Travel

Explore The History Behind Watches!

Today’s anatomically modern humans have been for around 200.000 years on Earth. Since the prehistoric ages, humans wanted to measure time. The history of the clock goes back to only 3500 years. Not to mention that modern watches took their form in the 16th Century. So we will reveal all…

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Watches And Prices – The Reality

When coming to buy a watch, one of the main things that anyone logical costumer considers is the price. Watches and prices are always interconnected for someone with not such good financial capacity. I always remember me as a kid, looking at the prices in every store so to make…

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About Us

WATCH & READY is a website that was created on 8 August 2018.   Objectives Update you about any Watch related News. Learn some of the watch basics. Reviews to help you pick the right watch.   About me My name is Stavros G. and I come from Greece. I…

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