IBM about to introduce the ”Foldable Smartwatch”.

IBM the American multinational information technology company is about to introduce the new technology of foldable screens to the smartwatches!

We have watched Samsung trying to put this technology into their phones but the results were rather than disappointing. These past attempts raise worries about the problems that may appear after its release.


Revolutionary Design

Despite the fact that the worries are big for this technology, everyone is speaking about the revolutionary design that will change the face of smartwatches in the markets.

My opinion is that the folding screen technology is functional, not cheap but IT WORKS. The reality here is that the technology for perfecting this technology doesn’t yet exist. Let’s hope that IBM perfects it.

The model that they will produce is said to have 8 connected panels but no one really knows how they will be connected or unfolded.

You can view the full patent here.


ALWAYS: Pushing the limits of technology.

”Always: Pushing the limits of technology.” was a saying of the IBM on their social media and is pretty accurate. If this technology succeeds then we can speak for a revolution in technology. Maybe the new era of Smartphones will be born.

Already the smartphones are all the time with us. Everywhere we go. It would be really convenient to not be carried but be always strapped on our wrist.

Of course, this raises serious worries about health. Cell phones emit radio-frequency radiation (radio waves), non-ionizing radiation, from their antennas.

Cell phones that will be strapped on the wrist even when you sleep skyrockets this worries.

Hope the future of smartwatches and smartphones will be bright and safe.


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