The best Christmas gift for men – It’s a classic one

You feel it coming right? Christmas time is coming again this year to relax and meet loved ones. We share love and gifts with our loved ones.

But have you ever wondered which is the best Christmas gift for men?

Either the man is your husband, your boyfriend, your dad, your uncle a watch is a very good choice for Christmas gifting at Christmas day. Typically, the watches can be divided into 3 big categories. Wristwatches, smartwatches, and pocket watches.

Wristwatches and smartwatches are used by people in their daily life. On the other hand, pocket watches are used only by the small percentage of people, so you have to know that the person is interested in wearing them or collecting them.

But I am sure you ask yourself why watches are such a good gift for the men you love. I will explain shortly.


1. An item of sentimental value

After you gift the watch to someone then every time he wears or looks at it, he will think of you as the one that gave it to him.

Everybody loves taking gifts from others and the people giving the gifts are always in our hearts because they are our closest people or people that care for us. The same way will feel the man that you offer the gift.

A good choice for young men (nephews, cousins, son, friend) is a smartwatch as with its many functions and technology fits with the active and spontaneous energy of a young man.

For older people (father, uncle, grandfather), you can pick a more classic watch, a wristwatch or evermore a pocket watch if you know that he is into them.



2. He can wear it every day

Unlike any other gift a watch can be kept safe in a drawer but it also can be also daily in our activities. Men have many activities and it is very likely that a watch is more than helpful.

Checking the time or using the many features of a smartwatch, the watch will help to be more productive and of course in time!

Be sure that he will think of you every time he wears your watch or every time he checks the time.


3. Very impressive

To buy a very impressive, you do not have to spend a fortune. Just keep in mind to make good research before you buy one.

There are many watches special for this occasion. Christmas watches can be luxurious of gold and silver but also can be made out of silicone. As you understand the higher the price of the material, the higher the price of the whole watch.

Gold and silver are well-known for their trait to not cause allergies to the skin. But if the wearer has no skin allergies then it is completely fine to go for other materials.

Go in different online shops or local markets and check prices, beauty and the different variety of specification that watches provide.


4. For lovers of good wearing

If the man that will receive the watch is a lover of good wearing and fashion and it is sure that a watch will be very appreciated.

Real men care about their external appearance. They are to be well groomed, smell good and have good hygiene. They care about their clothing and their accessories.

A good watch can help more than you think in everyday life. It shows high social status and the wearer feels a burst of high confidence.

Good wearing is very important and it is considered a good lifestyle. Men do not have to be blind followers of brands and fashion but it is important to care about their look.



A watch is a perfect gift for a man for Christmas. But for a good reason. Watches are full of sentiment, love, beauty, and fashion.

Watches support the look of the man and can bear memories from the past and memories that will take place in the future.

A watch does not have to be very expensive to be beautiful and of good quality. Just make your research and I am pretty sure that you will find the one perfect for your gifting.


I hope I helped with your Christmas gifts.


6 thoughts on “The best Christmas gift for men – It’s a classic one

  1. Claudia Reply

    Yes I agree a watch is a great gift, but what kind of watch would be the best? I believe the watches that the battery last with the sun is good like that they don’t need to go change the battery every 6 months. Like my husband he has a lot of watches but the only one that he where is the one that recharges with the sun, all his other watches don’t work because of the battery. Its a hassle to go to the store to get it changed for him. 

    • Stavros Post authorReply

      Hello Claudia,

      You are looking for a solar-powered watch or light-powered watch which is a watch that is powered entirely or partly by a solar cell. Also, for your husband the safe choice is a wristwatch. Otherwise, if he is into technology you can gift him a smartwatch alternatively. You can find many wristwatches and less smartwatches which are solar-powered.

      I hope you have a very happy Christmas period!

  2. mark kabakov Reply

    Stavros, Hello! Listen, you wrote an excellent article on Christmas gift for men. You wrote in detail and with restraint. 

    You intelligently and thoroughly considered the options for choosing a watch as a gift to a man. And delicately left the choice for giving. 

    Indeed, the choice is not simple. We should think about age, occupation and hobbies, respect for the general style and other things. But the feeling of giving and receiving a gift is always joyous. 

    You outlined this beautifully. Sincerely. Mark

    • Stavros Post authorReply

      Hello Mark,

      Indeed, you have to be very careful to the age, the occupation and the hobbies of the receiver. If you consider these 3 characteristics, I am pretty sure you will have a perfect gift.

      I wish you, Merry Christmas.

  3. Henry Reply

    Hi Stavros! Thank you very much for these very useful tips! Yeah, I agree with you: A watch is an excellent for Christmas!

    These points you have stated, make me choose giving a watch instead of other things I initially had in mind. I want to give something that can be used daily. And I like your remark “A watch does not have to be very expensive to be beautiful and of good quality.”

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