What is a Fitness Watch? – QUESTION ANSWERED

Have you ever wondered what is a Fitness Watch? Here is a quick answer:

A Fitness Watch (Fitness Tracker) is a smartwatch that helps the wearer keep track of the health and the different activities.

As technology progresses fitness trackers keep on evolving and getting better and better features. Also, they are constructed from better, more durable materials so the lifetime is bigger.

This type of watch is used by people for tracking their casual training to big athletes. Of course, everyone has their own needs and everyone needs different features and specificity.

All the smartwatches do not have the same features and do not have the same preciseness. If you are a casual training person, you can have a smartwatch that doesn’t have extreme preciseness but it is enough for tracking your activities.

On the other hand, a serious athlete should look for a Fitness Watch that will support his hard training.


What features can a Fitness Watch have?


Burnt Calories Meter

Lose weight and get the body you always dream of. The calories that you burnt are those of your activities.

Step counter and analyzer

Research suggests walking at least 8000 steps per day or more. The smartwatch app in your smartphone will analyze your activity and will your suggestion to improve the quality of you walking and therefore your whole life.

Sleep counter and analyzer

With the sleep counter, the watch is able to analyze your sleep and give you important details for your sleep. It will give you details about how much time you slept and also the time in deep sleep and in light sleep.

Deep sleep is what the human body needs to be refreshed the next day. The adult human has to sleep between 7-9 hours. The more hours sleeping in deep sleep the more refreshed you will wake up. A sleeping session with a big duration of light sleep and low duration of deep sleep is because of anxiety.

Smartwatch will analyze your sleep and if will give you useful suggestions.

Track activities such as: Running, Walking, Outdoor cycling, Swimming in Pool, Swimming in open water, Treadmill, Indoor cycling, Elliptical, Climbing, Trail run, Triathlon, Skiing, Tennis, Soccer, Multisport, and Jump Rope

The activities that Fitness Trackers are featuring are many and with progressing of technology the activities are more and more.

The watch can analyze your activities and give you the results of your training or activity. This feature is very important if you want to obtain a better performance in your activities. Steadily with hard work, you will see your results becoming better and better with time.


The timer is useful for counting backward in order to know when something is ready or to start doing something.

This is very helpful not only in your activities but in your daily life. For example to set a timer when you are cooking.

For tracking for the way you have gone through and location finder.

Battery duration

If you are using the activities of the fitness tracker every day the average duration of battery life is 1-2 days. WhIle, when you use it for daily use it can last for 2-7 days.

The battery charges very fast and the duration is much greater than the time of charging.


The above features are not present to all Fitness Watches.


Highly recommended Fitness Watches:


This watches combine the Fitness Watch with the classic smartwatch.


3. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

In the 3rd place, the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is one of the favorites worldwide. It can be worn daily as a daily watch but also as a fitness tracker as it supports Samsung Health.

Samsung is known worldwide for the trust that costumers have for this brand. Along with Apple, they conquer the electronic market in smartphones and wearable.

 Check out the review of the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier.


2. Xiaomi AmazFit 2

Xiaomi is a Chinese company that is known for its high quality and good prices.

Did you know that Xiaomi, has no earnings? Now you know and you can understand why the product prices are so low.

I personally use in my daily life, the Xiaomi AmazFit2.

Check out the review of Xiaomi AmazFit 2.

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch

In the first place the best-seller Samsung Galaxy Watch. Containing Samsung Health it is the best for a casual man or woman that wants to keep track of fitness and achieve the goals.

Some of the best Fitness Trackers can be watches with low cost but with high performance. One of them is Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Check out the review of the Samsung Galaxy Watch.



Fitness Trackers are here and they will remain in order to track our sports activities. They are the future of watches and maybe one day replace the smartphones.

Athlete or casual athlete now you can track your progress and achieve your goals without spending a fortune. Be clever in your purchases. Buy always watches with good price and good quality as well.

Do you want to lose weight, to achieve a great body or gain muscle? A fitness watch will be in your wrist to inform you if you are on the right path.


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