What Is A Wristwatch? – Starting With The Basics

There are many types of watches. There are the pocket watches, the smartwatches and the wrist watches. First, of them all, were the pocket watches from the 16th century to the 20th century. Then the wrist watches from the 20th century until today and the smartwatches that are the creation of the 21st century and the involvement of computers and technology.

But really? What is a wristwatch? The wristwatch is the kind of accessory that its purpose is to inform about time. It has a mini clock and then a strap which is worn around the wrist.

Watch And Sunglasses.
Watch And Sunglasses.

I am sure you have seen someone wearing such a watch in your everyday life. Usually, they are adults, with a wealthy lifestyle. Such people tend to be more successful as they have items that remind them to pursue wealth and a good life.

It is the most common and useful watch and one of the best choices to buy for yourself or as a gift. It is a choice for pretty much everyone.

Below I will give some of the most important information that you have to know about the famous Wristwatches.


Why Should I Have A Wrist Watch?

Really, this is a big topic. The benefits are big and many. Take a moment and think the people who wear a watch. It could be from a kid to the richest man alive.

Advantage #1: It Is A Great Accessory.

A wristwatch can support your whole look and make you look much more stylish. Also, it shows that you know and you follow fashion.

Advantage #2: It Makes You Feel Good.

Having a beautiful watch makes you receive many compliments. For example, they may say how beautiful you look with that watch and maybe try to ask where did you take it, so they buy it too.

Calm Down.
Calm Down.

Advantage #3: Others Notice You More.

People will notice more someone with a fancy and elegant watch than someone with nothing worn in wrists. This leads to thinking that you are wealthy, have a nice lifestyle and you like to groom yourself.

Advantage #4: Social Relationships Are Easier.

People are a little naive when coming to make new friends, make companions or finding a partner. The first opinion that someone forms in the first touch are the basic that will follow in the entire relationship. Everyone looks at the very detail of you, at the first meeting so they have an opinion about you. Be well-dressed and this would be no problem.

Advantage #5: Show Others Your Interests.

Having a more sporty watch leads other to believe that you may be athletic. An expensive that you may be rich and a classic that you may be mature.

Advantage #6: It Is The Easiest Way To Make A Change.

All of us, at some point in our lives, want to make a change. But making a change is really hard and not so many people achieve it. Researchers found that the easiest way to make a change is with your outfit. An outfit can change the external appearance and therefore the opinion of you.

Advantage #7: You Can Check The Time.

That’s one of the most obvious reasons why to own a wristwatch. Checking may make you go in time for your various appointments and meetings.

Checking The Time.
Checking The Time.


Anatomy Of The Wrist Watch.

Although, it is not medicine, there are quite many pieces in their wristwatch. All of them can be found below:

  1. Strap
  2. Bezel
  3. Lug
  4. Hands
  5. Jewel
  6. Dial
  7. Aperture
  8. Crown
  9. Movement
  10. Rotor
  11. Pusher
  12. Crystal
  13. Sub-dial
  14. Case

That’s really all the parts that together make the wristwatch. It is quite complicated but you can have a wristwatch without knowing them.

Watch Design.
Watch Design.


Wrist Watches: A Brief History

At the start of the 20th century, Europe fashion had decided that the watch should be worn as a bracelet around the neck. All this until the World War 1 when soldier started wearing watches on their wrist.

Of course, in the time of war, it was much easier to check the time from the wrist than from a bracelet.

After this, wrist watches became famous. Since then, they are ornaments and the most useful pieces of pieces of jewellery.


What To Look When I Buy A Watch?

There are many specifications that you have to look for when you decide to buy a watch.

  1. First, of them all, what is the purpose? Is it for a gift or for yourself? If it for a gift some watches are for wedding gifts and others are for Christmas gifts, for father or for friends. If it is for you, then check for what occasion it is. Is it for daily use or for a formal occasion? Usually, it is written in the description of the watch.
  2. Go for a known brand new watch.
  3. Check for durability and if it is durable (optional)
  4. Look for the material of the main watch and the type of the band
  5. Choose a colour that matches with every outfit.
  6. Look for other features such as GPS.


So, Now You Know!

But who can wear such a watch? Is it for all?

Wristwatches are worn nowadays by everyone in every culture and every day. Anyone can wear a wristwatch. There is no age for such a tool. It can be worn by a kid, a teenager, a man, or a woman.

Big businessmen and billionaires always wear a watch as they have many tasks to organize.

For others, a wristwatch can help organize life more efficiently and keep the balances between social and work life. Moreover, it gives you style and helps you climb the social ladder and become successful.

It is one of the greatest gifts and the advantages are many. Other people have a better first opinion about you and you tend to be more likeable and engaging. So finally, social relationships are easier than ever.

Make the change you always had been dreamt of.

Make Your Dreams, REALITY!
Make Your Dreams, REALITY!


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6 thoughts on “What Is A Wristwatch? – Starting With The Basics

  1. Russell Reply


    Just wanted to say that your page was really informative. I don’t always wear a wrist watch but you made some amazing points to why it can be beneficial. There are so many things that wearing a wrist watch can say about a person and I NEVER REALIZED IT! Others will surely find this beneficial too. Thank you for writing!


  2. Dave Reply

    I’m so pleased to see accessories coming back into men’s fashion. It was gone for the longest time with the bland suits that you couldn’t sit down in – I’d call it the metrosexual look.

    I have several wristwatches and am looking to get a few more. I’ve even seen some pretty nifty cases or storage racks for you to store and display all your watches. I’ve got my heart set on a Rado, but not sure if I can swing it.

    It’s interesting you mentioned the anatomy of a watch – I have two ‘fake’ Rolex’s (yes – I deliberately bought fake ones for fun) and you can sure tell they’re fake if you look at the movement of them. I wonder what parts cause it to be so noticeable, compared to the smooth movement of a Rolex?

    • Stavros Post authorReply

      Hello Dave,
      Accessories like watches were always in fashion for men. About Rolex, the reason for that movement is the multiple bridges – the parts that constrain the wheels and provide mounting points for other components. All these bridges fit and work together like pieces of a three-dimensional puzzle. They form a structure that represents an abundance of engineering that other movements simply don’t match.
      Best Regards!

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