Why To Wear A Watch? – To Wear, Or Not To Wear, That Is The Question

I am sure that in your everyday life you have noticed many people wearing watches. But you may ask yourself: Why to wear a watch? Is it worthy to buy a watch?

The answer should be easy, right? To check the time. But a watch is not only about time, but it can also be much more. There are many perks that a watch can give to you.

In this article, I will try to explain what are the advantages to wear a watch simply, so it is understood. Let’s begin!


1. Used as an accessory.

The majority of the people wearing a watch wear it because they want to enhance their outlook. And in my opinion, it is the easiest way.

In fashion, also many wear bracelets except watches. All over the world despite the money, people use them to boost their look, always to the margins that they can afford them.

It is true that women are more interested in wearing a watch by men. But this does not mean that men do not wear watches. They wear and they are very impressive.


2. Make a change in your life.

We all want to have changes in our lives. But changes are the hardest thing in our busy lives. So changes look really unreachable. Making big changes usually, need time and effort. For example to build a strong body you need constant exercise.

The easiest way to change is by changing your clothing. Clothing can tell everything about your social life to your everyday approach in life. Clothing is the first thing that people are looking when they see you for the first time.

So try to care about your everyday outlook and be clean. Nobody wants someone that stinks.

Watches are included in the section of clothing. Therefore, they are very good to help you make you this change without big effort.


3. Reveals social status.

Of course, someone that wears a Rolex gives the impression that they are rich. In fact, they may be or not. They could be just poor and have spent their whole fortune to buy a watch.

But because our society is really shallow and naive, people assume your status almost immediately from your external appearance.

If you are interested in a watch, I suggest you make research before spending your money. There are many good priced watches that include high standards.


4. Show your interests and personality.

Watches can show your everyday interests as people assume your daily life.

Smartwatches mean that you are into technology and maybe you like being physical.

Pocket watches that you like being really classy and you like the vintage style.

The wristwatches mean that you like being simple, practical and stylish.


5. Sentiment.

Watches can have a big sentimental value to the holder. It can be a gift from a loved one or be self-bought. In each case, the watch is accompanied by memories and sentiment.

In my experience, I have a watch from my childhood that was given by my mother. She bought it on a cruise in the Carribean Sea. Despite it looks childish, I love it because it was given by someone I love.


6. Check the time!

Finally, the most obvious reason to wear a watch is to check the time. Despite your profession or your activity, your watch is essential to be productive and in time.

When running, the watch can help keep on track the laps. Doctors to measure the time of the pulse measurement and cooks to prepare a dish. Everyone needs to keep track of the time over the course of the day.

I am looking at my watch every 45 minutes approximately. That means more than 20 times per day!



The reasons to have a watch are many but the main reason is to feel good with your choice and be proud of it.

A watch can give you the style, the status or even a chance to change your life.

But you still have to never forget that watches are a tool and an accessory for you and you have to feel good with it. Never do something for others, in order to impress them. Be yourself and be unique.

The variety of watches around the internet and stores is huge. Just make good research and look for specifications that match your style, your needs, and your pocket.

Make smart choices think before you buy and you will never regret your choices.


I hope I was helpful. With much respect.


Founder Of “Watch & Ready”



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