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Smartwatches have been the new trend for a decade now. Many people choose to wear one because of their amazing style and features.

In the past I used to wear the classic wristwatches, for the past 2 years I use only smartwatches in my casual or formal events. They are the best for matching with every outfit and they are more useful than a wristwatch.

If you want to check only the time and for style, you can use a simple wristwatch. But if you want to have a more trendy, with a wide variety of usage I highly recommend using a smartwatch.

A great choice of wearable technology is AmazFit Stratos / AmazFit 2. It is a project from the cooperation of 2 great companies. These are the Xiaomi and the Huami.



General Information

It was released in April 2018 and brought a new era in the world of the smartwatches. Also, AmazFit Stratos has a transflective always-on color touch display.

The rugged carbon fiber design case features a polished ceramic bezel, scratch-resistant 2.5D Corning Gorilla glass, three stainless steel physical buttons for easy navigation and an exchangeable 22mm durable silicone watch strap.

They are widely popular from their release. They have been characterized as the best budget smartwatch of 2018 by many reviews on YouTube and Facebook.

Moreover, they come with a big variety of features.

Xiaomi is known for its best budget electronics and Huami for their technology came together to produce the best budget and worth the money smartwatch all over the market.

Also, it is the company that has not any physical store except China and Singapore. Also, is the Chinese Apple because of the elegance and the carefully constructed phones and wearable?

Huami launched in 2013 and they are already a leader in wearable technology.



Xiaomi AmazFit 2 comes with great features that are really evolutionary for their price. The features are:

  • Multisport tracking: Keep control of your sports activities. Sports like walking, running, cycling, pool swimming, open water swimming, run indoor, indoor cycling, elliptical trainer, climb, trail run, triathlon, skiing, tennis, soccer and multisport.
  • GPS: You can track the position of your whole training for walking and running. It has to be said that it is really accurate.
  • Weather: It has the weather for the next 5 days. Of course, you have to sync it every 5 days with your Wi-Fi connected smartwatch.
  • Heart Rate: Check your heart rate with the press of a button. After the training or before it indicates if you are in good shape or not.
  • Training Center (VO2 MAX): Scientific training to improve your running performance.
  • Exercise Load (TD).
  • Recovery Time.
  • Sleep Monitor: Monitor your sleep daily. Everyone has light and deep sleep. Having a long deep sleep means you have quality sleep.
  • 5 ATM water resistance rating. That translate to 50 meters underwater.


Some other features:

  • Get Emails, Text Messages, Calls, And Other App/Messaging Notifications
  • Stopwatch
  • Compass
  • Alarm
  • Music
  • Distance Traveled
  • Calories Burned
  • Step Counter
  • Optional Movement Reminders
  • Time
  • Timer
  • Up To 5 Days Battery Life



Display size: 1.34” / 320×300 px

Type: Always-on transflective colour LCD touchscreen

Weight: 2.5 oz / 70 g

Processor: 1.2 GHz Core

Storage: 4GB Total

Connection: Bluetooth 4.0 / BLE + WiFi

Battery life: 5 days regular use / 11 days basic use

Water resistance: 5 ATM certified, equivalent to about 80 PSI, 164 feet or 50 meters water depth.

Heart rate sensor: Optical (PPG)



My Experience With Xiaomi AmazFit 2

I use the AmazFit Stratos for more than 2 weeks and I am totally glad about my choice. I used it for my camping trip and for my nights out.

Also, many told me, many compliments about it as how beautiful it is and they told me that they like the style. I can say that it gave me a boost in my confidence.

I use the walking feature a lot and the sleeping monitor. Also, I have the running training set up and it works as a trainer telling me what to do every day. I set it up to the beginner as I had never gone to the closest park to run before.

I try to achieve every day my 8000 goal step and have walking training the watch provides. It helped a lot with my physical health as walking helped me grow stronger muscles. I also check the route of my activities with the GPS.

When I am sitting for too long it sends me a notification to move a little to prevent me to be inactive.

Without using any of the high battery spending features the battery life is really good as it is 30% after 5 days and 19 hours of using it continuously as a watch. Some people in their review say that their smartwatch battery lasts from 100% to 0% for about 4 days. But my personal experience has proven them wrong.

I do not want to end the whole battery power and I tend to charge my electronics before they are lower than 30%, as the battery loses it’s duration as the time passes.

A useful tip is that when you unbox it, charge for 1 hour exactly despite the fact it came from the factory charged.

One other feature is that with daylight it consumes much less battery because it uses sunlight to power the screen.

Finally, I check the time I have slept daily and decide to maintain better habits.



After speaking about features, general information, my own experience we should have a final conclusion. The question is: Should I buy the AmazFit Stratos or should I find a better budget? The answer to this question is quite clear I think and it is YES.

Some say that it may be big and heavy but I do not agree with them as I have a small wrist and it fits really good. As for weight, it is a matter of habit.

Stratos can be worn by men and women, regardless of age and can help to reach or maintain healthy habits and great health. I always said that prevention is better than treatment, so get physical before it is too late. Always Keep in mind that “Great things come with great choices“.

It can be great for a gift because it’s very impressive and has many features. It can literally change your life. Physically and mentally.

For 2018 and for many years to come it has to be the best smartwatch that it is and will be on the market. And that, because worth the money and it’s a useful tool.


You can find it here:


Good luck with your purchases.


Founder of Watch & Ready.


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2 thoughts on “Xiaomi AmazFit 2 Review – Dive Into The Future

  1. Ivy Reply

    Really like your details on the watch. I personally have had a smart watch but the biggest issue for me is having to remove the watch every time I wash my hands. If I don’t I will end up with a wet feeling under the band and it is super uncomfortable.

    • Stavros Post authorReply

      You can wear your watch higher on the wrist, so you do not get it wet. In fact this is the right way to wear a watch.
      Best Regards!

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